French Revolution

The French Revolution and the Napoleonic War influence each other. The information colored in red are events that occured during Napoleon’s early history in war fare. The information is based on internet research.  We hope to continue research and include some helpful references in the future.

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January 24,1789 Summoning of the States-General
May 5,1789 Meeting of the States-General
June 17,1789 National Assembly declared
June 20,1789 Tennis Court Oath
July 9,1789 National Constituent Assembly declared
July 11,1789 Necker dismissed
July 14,1789 Storming of the Bastille
August 4,1789 Surrender of feudal rights
August 27,1789 Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen
October 5-6,1789 Outbreak of the Paris mob; Liberal monarchical

1790 Napoleon involved in Corsican politics beginning of
Napoleonic War/History
July 14,1790 Constitution accepted by King Louis XVI
July1790 Growing power of the clubs
July 1790 Reorganisation of Paris
September 1790 Fall of Necker

January 1791 Napoleon joins the Jacobins

February1791 Napoleon rejoins the ‘La Fere’
(newly designated the ‘1st’) Artillery
Regiment at Auxonne
April 2,1791 Death of Mirabeau

June1791 Napoleon promoted to 1st lieutenant and re-assigned to 4th
(former ‘Grenoble’) Artillery Regiment at Valence
June 20-25,1791 Flight to Varennes of the royal family

July 1791 French army officers required to take oath to new
Constitution.Napoleon did, many Royalist officers did not.
July 17,1791 Champ-de-Mars massacre
September 30,1791 Dissolution of the National Constituent Assembly

October 1791 Napoleon returns to Corsica.
October 1,1791 Legislative Assembly meets
August 27,1791 Declaration of Pillnitz
( Frederick William II and Leopold II)
February 7,1792 Alliance of Austria and Prussia
April 20,1792 French declare war against Austria

June 26, 1792 First Coalition formed.
August 10,1792 Storming of the Tuileries Palace. Louis XVI of
France is arrested and taken into custody
September 2-7,1792 The September Massacres
September 20,1792 Battle of Valmy; the revolution endures.
September 21,1792 National Convention meets;
Abolition of the monarchy

November 6, 1792 Battle of Jemappes, French gain Austrian Netherlands.
December,1792 Trial of Louis XVI before the Convention
January 21,1793 Execution of Louis XVI
February 1,1793 War declared against Britain, Holland, Spain
March 1793 Royalist revolt in the Vendée

March 18, 1793 Battle of Neerwinden, Austrians take Austrian
Netherlands back.
April 1793 Power centered in the Committee of Public Safety and the
Committee of General Security
June 2,1793 Arrest of 31 Girondist deputies

June 11, 1793 Losers in Corsican political struggle Bonaparte family
flees to Toulon.
July 13,1793 Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat
August 23,1793 Levy of entire male population

Sept. 16- Dec. 19, 1793 Napoleon distinguishes himself at the siege of Toulon.
September 17,1793 Passing of the Law of Maximum Général

October 15-16, 1793 Battle of Wattignies, French relieve Maubeuge and
close road to Paris.
October 16,1793 Execution of Marie Antoinette
October 31,1793 Execution of Girondists
November 10,1793 Abolition of the worship of god: Cult of Reason
December 1793 Retreat of the allies across the Rhine

December 22, 1793 Napoleon appointed general of brigade.
January 19,1794 English land in Corsica

February 1794 Napoleon appointed commander of artillery in the
Army of Italy.
February 4,1794 Abolition of slavery in colonies
March 24,1794 Execution of the Hébertists
April 6,1794 Execution of the Dantonists
June 8,1794 Festival of the Supreme Being
June 10,1794 Law of 22 Prairial
(power to the Revolutionary Tribunal)
June 26,1794 Battle of Fleurus (1794) (French victory in Belgium)
July 27,1794 Fall of Maximilien Robespierre (9 Thermidor) (Napoleons patron)

August 8, 1794 Napoleon arrested, but released after a period of
imprisonment, during which he rightly feared for his life.
December 24,1794 Repeal of maximum
March 5,1795 Treaty of Basel (Prussia withdraws from war)
April 1,1795 Bread riots in Paris

May 16, 1795 Peace of Basle; Prussia leaves war.
June 8,1795 Death of the dauphin ( Louis XVII)

August 19, 1795 Peace with Spain.
August 22,1795 Constitution of 1795
October 5,1795 Napoleon’s “whiff of grape-shot” Napoleon saves the
government by turning his cannon on rioters.
October 26,1795 Convention dissolved; Directory begins
March 5,1796 War against the Holy Roman Empire

March 9,1796 Marriage of Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine

March 11, 1796 Napoleon is appointed Commander-in-Chief of the
Army of Italy.

April 10-12, 1796 Battle of Montenotte.

April 13, 1796 Battle of Millesimo.

April 14-15, 1796 Battle of Dego.

April 16-17, 1796 Battle of Ceva.

April 20, 1796 Mondovi taken, Napoleon’s army reaches the plains of
Northern Italy.

April 28, 1796 Armistice of Cherasco, Piedmont out of the war.

May 10,1796 Battle of Lodi (Napoleon in Italy)
July,1796 Siege of Mantua

August 5, 1796 Battle of Castiglione

September 8, 1796 Battle of Bassano

November 15-17, 1796 Battle of Arcola

January 14, 1797 Battle of Rivoli.

March 10-April 6, 1797 Army of Italy engaged in operations against
Archduke Charles
April 18,1797 Preliminary Peace of Leoben
July 8,1797 Cisalpine Republic established
September 4,1797 Coup d’Etat at Paris (republicans over reactionaries)
October 17,1797 Treaty of Campo Formio with Austria ends war in Italy.
February,1798 Roman Republic proclaimed

May 19, 1798 Napoleon sails from Toulon to invade Egypt.
April 1798 Helvetian Republic proclaimed

June 12, 1798 Napoleon occupies Malta.
July 21,1798 Battle of the Pyramids

August 1,1798 Battle of the Nile; Nelson destroys French fleet
supporting Napoleon.

October 21, 1798 Cairo revolt suppressed.
December 24,1798 Alliance between Russia and Britain

December 29, 1798 Second Coalition formed.

1799 Beginning of the Napoleonic Era

Feburary 5, 1799 Napoleon invades Syria (modern Isreal/Palestine)

March 1, 1799 Russia declares war on France.

March 17, 1799 Napoleons seige of Acre begins.

April 5-August 15, 1799 Austrians and Russians retake Italy and Switzerland.

April 16, 1799 Battle of Mount Tabor; Turkish army attempting to
relieve Acre is defeated.

May 10, 1799 Napoleons final assault on Acre repulsed.

May 20, 1799 Unsuccessful seige of Acre ends.
June 17-19,1799 Battle of the Trebia (Suvorov defeats French)

July 25, 1799 Battle of Aboukir.

August 22, 1799 Napoleon leaves Egypt, and evading British fleet
sails for France.
August 24,1799 Napoleon leaves Egypt

September 25-30 , 1799 Massena defeats Russians near Zurich.

October 9, 1799 Naploeon lands in France.
October 22,1799 Russians withdraw from coalition
November 9,1799 The Coup d’Etat of Brumaire (18 Brumaire)

November 9, 1799 Napoleon’s coup of 18 Brumaire establishes the

November 10, 1799 Napoleon becomes First Consul.
December 24,1799 Constitution of the Year VIII: Dictatorship of Napoleon

1799 End of the French Revolution History