French and Indian War

It interesting that early in our history we fought against the French to later rely on the French as allies to defeat the British during the American Revolution.  Without there help there might have been a different ending of the American Revolution.  Again this is a simple timeline of the events and battles that effected the French & Indian War.   If you wish to learn more I suggest you read “The French and Indian War: Deciding the Fate of North America” by Walter R. Borneman or  “The War That Made America: A Short History of the French and Indian War”, by Fred Anderson or “Recollections and Private Memoirs of George Washington”.


* Remember we are known as British subjects during this time…
Fort Presque Isle is constructed by French May 1753 Erie, PA
Fort Le Boeuf built by French July 1753 Waterford, PA
Autumn 1753:  French sieze Scot trader, John Fraser’s cabin which becomes location of Fort Machault.
January 1754: George Washington recieves letter from french than delivers to Govern. Dinwiddle set stage for war.
Fort Prince George is surrendered by British April 1754 Pittsburgh, PA
French begin to construct Fort Duguesne April 1754
George Washington builds Fort Necessity May 1754 PA
Penns Creek Massacre 1755 PA
May 1756:  England formally declares war against France.  * Fighting spreads throught West Indies and Europe.
Vaul’s Fort is destroyed 1756 VA
Battle of Fort Chouaguen 1756
Bristish Fort Granville is destroyed by Delaware chief Jacobs July 1756 Mifflin County, PA
French capture Fort Oswego & take control of Lake Ontario August 1756 NY?
French capture Fort William Henry August 1757
Fort Ticonderoga isn’t taken by British August 1757 NY
British capture Fort Louisburg which opens St. Lawerance River Summer 1758
British capture Fort Frontenac: supplies french army Summer 1758
Fort Ligonier is constructed by Forbe’s men September 1758
Treaty of Easton is signed. Oct 8 – 26, 1758
Treaty = A promise where indians stop fighting for French as long as the British won’t settle any where west of Allegheny Mts.
French set Fort Duguesne on fire. November 1758
British take control over Forks and area is named Pittsyburg November 1758 PA
British construct Fort Pitt Spring 1759
Iroquios and British defeat French army at Fort Niagara Summer 1759 NY
British capture Fort Ticonderoga & Crown Point Summer 1759
French surrender city of Quebec September 1759
Battle of the Thousand Island August 1760 NY
Fall of Fort Lévis 1760
British capture Montreal September 1760
British capture Spanish cities of Havana, Cuba. Summer 1762
Spain joins the war effort on England’s side Summer 1762
Treaty of Paris is signed: by France, England & Spain February 1763
Attack of Fort Detroit May 1763
End of Pontiac’s War Fall 1765

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  1. You have not listed the Battle of the Thousand Island of Aug. 1760. The fall of Fort Lévis opened the upper St. Lawrence River to General Amherst’s army and led to the capitulation of Montreal in Sept. 1760. The Battle of the Thousand Island will be commemorated in Ogdensburg, New York July 18-18, 2010. Founder’s Day Weekend is hosting NY State’s final 250th anniversary commemoration of the French and Indian War.

  2. I have attended a few events, Many moons ago, and want to get back into it. Interested in Rev War too.

  3. “Pittsyburg?”

    Also why is the Battle of the Monoghelia aka “Braddocks Defeat” not listed. july 1755?

    This defeat sent a shockwave throughout the empire at the time. It also showed the colonials that the Brits where not invinciable. Sewing the seeds for that lil revolt about 20 years latter.
    Note: the battle occured even before the English declared war on the French and their Indian allies.

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