American Revolution

This is a simple timeline of the events and battles that effected the American Revolution.   If you wish to learn more I suggest you read “Rebels & Redcoats, by George F. Scheer & Hugh Rankin”, “Battles Of The Revolutionary War, by W.J. Wood”,  “The Winter Soldiers, by Richard M. Ketchum” and “Forgotten Patriots: The Untold Story of American Prisoners During the Revolutionary War, by Edwin Burrows”.


The Boston Massacre 1770 Boston, MA
Boston Tea Party 1773 Boston, MA
Battle of Lexington 1775 Lexington, MA.
Battle of Concord Bridge 1775 Concord, MA
Battle of Great Bridge 1775 VA
Fort Ticonderog is taken 1775 NY
Battle of Breed’s Hill (Bunker Hill) 1775 MA
Shelling of Charlestown 1775 MA
Battle of Quebec 1775
Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge 1776 NC
Battle of Long Island ( or Brooklyn Heights) 1776 Long Island, NY
Battle of Harlem Heights 1776 NY
Battle of Pell’s Point 1776 Pelham Bay, NY
Battle of White Plains 1776 NY
Attack on Charleston 1776 Charleston, SC
Battle of Valcour Island 1776 NY
Fort Washington Falls 1776 NY
Fort Lee is abandoned 1776 NJ
Washington’s Crosses Delaware December 25, 1776 NJ
Battle of Trenton 1776 Trenton, NJ
Winter of 1776 to 1777 encampment at Morristown, NJ
Battle of Princeton 1777 NJ
Buring of Danbury 1777 Danbury, Connecticut
Battle of Ridgefield 1777 Connecticut
Fort Ticonderoga is abandon 1777 NY
Siege of Fort Stanwix 1777 NY
Battle of Oriskany 1777 NY
Battle of Bennington 1777 Vermont
Saratoga Campaign 1777 NY
Battle of Brandywine (or Chadd’s Ford) 1777 Brandywine, PA
Battle of Germantown 1777 Germantown, PA
Winter of 1777 to 1778 encampment at Valley Forge.
The Conway Cabal 1778
Ranger Battles Drake 1778
Battle of Monmouth 1778 NJ
Wyoming Valley Massacre 1778 PA
Cherry Valley Massacre 1778 PA
French attack Newport 1778 Newport, RI
British attack Savannah 1778 Savannah, GA
Winter of 1778 to 1779 encampment at Morristown, NJ
Raid on Greenwich 1779 Connecticut
Buring of Norwalk, Fairfield, & Westport 1779 Connecticut
Battle of Stoney Point 1779 NY
Attack on Paulus Hook 1779 NJ
Bonhomme Richard battles Serapis 1779
Attack on Lloyd’s Neck 1779 NY
Battle of Fort Morris 1779 GA
Battle of Port Royal 1779 SC
Battle of Kettle Creek 1779 GA
Frech attack Savannah 1779 Savannah, GA
Winter 1779 to 1780 encampment at Redding, Connecticut
Fall of Charleston 1780 Charleston, SC
Action at Waxhaw 1780 SC
Battle of Camden 1780 SC
Burning of the Valleys 1780 NY
Battle of King’s Mountain 1780 SC
Northern army winters in the Hudson Highlands, NY
Winter 1780 to 1781 army encamps at Mossistown, NJ
Battle of Cowpens 1781 SC
Action at Haw River 1781 NC
Battle of Guilford Courthouse 1781 NC
Action at Hobkirks Hill 1781 SC
Attack at Ninety Six 1781 SC
Action at Green Spring ( Hot Water) 1781 VA
Action at Eutaw Springs 1781 SC
Battle of the Chesapeake 1781 VA
Battle of Yorktown 1781 VA
Battle of Saintes (in West Indies) 1782
Shawnee villages destroyed.
Winter 1782 to 1783 final encampment at Newburgh, NY
The Peace of Paris: (ends war) 1783