Our History

WeReenactlogoThis is a relatively new section of the Gazette, but we hope to keep all our fans and viewers up to date with all the changes and new stuff happening within our website and blogs.

February 19, 2011 – joined twitter!

February 15, 2011 – coming soon “blog spot”

February 14, 2011 –  more redefining the Gazette with a new layout and editing or adding new pages.  If an article appears then disappears this is due eliminating all the junk and only saving what are true treasures.

January 2011 – redefining and editing what is and what is to become Reenactors Gazette and WeReenact.  Fortunately we will continue on posting informative entries and simply everything as the year continues on.

December 21, 2010 – building a new Classified blog where fans & viewers can post their ads relating to living history events, groups and reenacting gear for sale.   Will have updated information on current events for the season.  When a season ends the new dates will replace the old.