There is always a story to tell, but there isn’t any really good visuals to go with any story unless you take photographs. Even photographs don’t really tell you much about an event. We will try to post videos of past events that we’ve announced onto the main page. We will give credit to those who have filmed the video considering right now we don’t really have a good video camera. Below are links to various of videos.




Video #1 – Fort Ward: British soldiers singing period tunes.| Video #2 –  Fort Ward: Hessian soldiers practice drills|
Video #3 – Fort Ward: Mini parade with British Army | Video #4 – PA Renaissance Festival 2006 : Merry Mack |
Video #5
– PA Renaissance Festival 2006 : Sword Dance | Video #6 – PA Renaissance Festival 2007 : Coyote Run |
Video #7
– PA Renaissance Festival 2007: Barely Balanced | Video #8 – MD Renaissance Festival 2008: Wolgemut |
Video #9
– MD Renaissance Festival 2008: Albannach I | Video #10 – MD Renaissance Festival 2008: Albannach II |
Video #11
– MD Renaissance Festival 2008: Albannach III | Video #12 – MD Renaissance Festival 2008: The Rogues

* * * * *


A Medieval Castle in the 20th Century | Feast for the Alabama Renaissance Faire | Living With The Tudors | Pennsic Compendium

* * * * *


Battle of Culloden | Battle of Gettysburg | Battle of Gettysburg 145th Anniversary | Battle of Hook | Battle of Zollicoffer 2007 | Culloden Re-enactment D-Day 2008 @Fort Mifflin | Gettysburg Remembrance Day = Video I | Video II | Video III | Medieval Weekend of La Tente Verte | Olustee Battle | Wilderness Road, Martin’s StationYorktown 225th Anniversary

* * * * *


America’s Final Victory | Anne Frank | Changeling Trailer | First Invasion War of 1812 | Moll Flanders | Teaching American History: Battle of Olustee | The Battle to Save Green Spring
The History of Fine Fashion Screener | The History of Tom Jones | The Untold Story of the Mayflower | Von Steuben’s Continentals

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Reenactors Fest | Re-Enactors March Into Lancaster | SCA TV Spot | The Old Barracks faces closure

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Baroque Dance – Menuet / Il Giardino Armonico | Baroque Dance – Sarabande / Il Giardino Armonico | California Fife & Drum Band | Carolina Fifes & Drums | Fife & Drums Play on Christmas Eve | Fort McHenry Field Music Weekend | Liberty Hall Fifes & Drum Muster | Louisbourg Fifes and Drums | Napoleonic Fife and Drum Tunes

* * * * *


Batalla de Gamonal 2008 | First Pennsylvania Regiment | Fort George National Historic Site | Fort Mifflin | Fort Mifflin Ghosts part 1 | Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site | Polite War
| Second Albany Reenactment | Waterloo Re-enactment 2009 | WW2 battle re enactment | Yorktown 225th Re-enactment

* * * * *


Dodge Challenger Freedom Commercial | eBay: Civil War | Locust Grove Commercial | Terror In The Woods

* * * * *


Continental Army 1777 | Playing War: A Living History | Re-enactment Stock Footage | Royal Armouries, Fort Nelson 1917 Trench | Taking part of Civil War Reenactment | The 1st New Jersey Volunteers | The Siege of Niagara – Beyond The Battle

* * * * *


Dressing up 1860’s Style | Eighteenth century clothing | Getting Dressed in 1805 | Getting Dressed in the 18th Century | How to History


2 thoughts on “Media

  1. Under These Same Stars – the Céladon Affair is an independent feature film that details true events from 1773 – French Colonial history along the central Mississippi River Valley. Based on the book, Stealing Indian Women by Carl J. Ekberg, and filmed in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, the film is a period romance and murder mystery. It tells the tale of a métis huntsman, Indian slaves, and French Colonial culture. To learn more, view the trailer, read testimonials or order the movie, go to or contact


    OGDENSBURG, NY 31 January 2011 – During the War of 1812 the dogs of war barked and bit along the U.S. northern frontier from Lake Ontario to Lake Champlain as American forces tangled with their British and Canadian counterparts for two-and-a-half years.
    The War of 1812 in this region, and its wider implications, will be topics at the third annual War of 1812 Symposium April 29-30 in Ogdensburg, NY, sponsored by the Fort La Présentation Association.
    The five presentations by authoritative Canadians and Americans are: Ogdensburg and Prescott during the War of 1812, Paul Fortier; American supply efforts on Lake Ontario: “Cooper’s Ark,” Richard Palmer; “Colonel Louis” and the Native American role in the War of 1812, Darren Bonaparte; The war on the St. Lawrence River, Victor Suthren; and Excavation of American Graves at the 1812 Burlington Cantonment, Kate Kenny. The post-dinner address by Patrick Wilder is the Battle of Sackets Harbor
    “We established the symposium in advance of the war’s 2012 bicentennial to help develop a broader public understanding of the War of 1812, so important to the evolution of the United States and Canada,” said Barbara O’Keefe, President of the Fort La Présentation Association. “The annual symposium is a vibrant forum of scholars from both sides of the boarder presenting informative seminars to an enthusiastic audience of academics, history buffs and re-enactors.”
    The cost of the symposium is $100 for the Saturday seminars and after-dinner speaker, including a light continental breakfast, a buffet lunch and a sit-down dinner. The Friday evening meet-and-greet with period entertainment by Celtic harpist Sue Croft and hors d’oeuvres is $10.
    The symposium and dinner fee for Fort La Présentation Association members is $90, and they will pay $10 for the meet-and-greet.
    Other pricing options are available: $80 for the Saturday seminars without dinner; and $35 for the dinner with speaker.
    Seminar details and registration instructions on the Fort La Présentation Association Web page
    The Fort La Présentation Association is a not-for-profit corporation based in Ogdensburg, New York. Its mission is to sponsor or benefit the historically accurate reconstruction of Fort de la Présentation (1749) in close proximity to the original site on Lighthouse Point.

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