New Year!!!

It's been a long time since we've posted anything on this blog.  So what has been updated since 2013?  So far all the links have been update or deleted.  Sadly we no longer have a youtube channel or twitter account.  But the Facebook account remains to be updated in a weekly bases, thanks to friends … Continue reading New Year!!!


2014 Schedule

Thank you to all our facebook fans for letting us know what you are looking forward to in 2014.  This is just the beginning of the list and we are ready to add more events as the year unfolds. Between our website, blog and what our facebook fans have posted the following attachment, which lists … Continue reading 2014 Schedule

Reenacting Weekender

Not quite sure when and where things are happening.  Would really truly enjoy this reenacting/living history season if you knew when things were happening?  Would like to know if their are any big reenactments happening this year & when?  Getting tired of missing out on all the fun?  If you answered yes to any of … Continue reading Reenacting Weekender

Marching Through Time

Weekend: April 16 - 17, 2011 Military Through the Ages or Marching Through Time explores different time periods via living history.  It is a great way for people who have an interest in more than one period to explore several time periods all at once.  Marching Through Time is an annual event that is held … Continue reading Marching Through Time

Weekend Recap

Weekend: February 25 –27, 2011 Five events have been posted on Reenactor’s List so please visit the site to learn more about them and other upcoming weekend events.   We are not going to be posting a new weekend recap every weekend.  Instead it will be one article consisting of one or two events happening … Continue reading Weekend Recap

Civil in the South West

Each year hundreds of spectators descend on Picacho Peak State Park to watch re-enactments of an Arizona Civil War skirmish and the New Mexico battles of Glorieta and Val Verde. Visitors travel from around the country to experience the three fascinating historic re-enactment's complete with lifestyles of the soldiers in the southwest during the 1860s. More than … Continue reading Civil in the South West

War on the lawn

HILLSBOROUGH - Forget everything you thought you knew about the American Revolution.  At least forget the conventional wisdom: that wily colonists firing rifles from behind trees picked off clueless Redcoats marching like wooden soldiers.  The truth? The colonists didn't start beating the British until they started fighting like them. That was the lesson at Saturday's … Continue reading War on the lawn