Here is where you can find anything from upcoming events, new units that are being formed, news on your favorite historic sites and anything worth mentioning.   We hope to have further announcements as the year ends and the new year begins.  If you know of any events, groups or other announcements that have not been posted on this website. Please feel free to post any announcements under this blog entry..

What’s New On The Site?:For up to the minute updated results, please continue to look onto this page. It will have a description of what has been updated on this site, so you can view the newest information.


It’s been quite a journey since we’ve created this website back in 2010.  We no longer have a website that we pay for domain fees & etc.  But we hope to continue to post important articles via our facebook and discussion topic on our blog(s). As well as post updated information in regards to events, groups & etc.  We also got a new look!  Please continue to give us your input.  


We have made some changes to the blog and the website.  We have moved the classified into a new page.  This will allow our viewers to post and update their classified, postings and requests. To visit the new classified click here.


We have been busy moving comments and editing our blog.  Since anniversaries of important battles and times of history are coming up we have been busy researching on those topics and adding the year an event took place besides our reenacting battles and historical events.  If you know of any please send us an e-mail, facebook buzz or make a comment under Add Information page within this blog. Thanks


There have been a lot of changes within the blog but very few changes have been made within the website.  We hope to make a few improvements within the organization and unit page(s) within the coming summer.  Will keep you posted of any major or minor improvements.


From the 20th to 23rd our blogs were going through a make over.  We went through all our postings to decide which ones were being moved, stayed put and deleted. Some articles have been moved to a new blog called Reenactor’s New Recruits that discusses the bases and 101 topics towards reenacting and living history.  By  May 23rd we completed the task and created a listing of the moved articles and where they now are placed. Within the list you will not find any of the announcements or events postings.  We are no longer posting events please look at our website or facebook for more details. Click to view article


Annual  Report!  Back in December we took an inventory of how our website was doing for the year based on the number of visitors who visited WeReenact.net.  With those numbers we indicated what pages were being visited most.  And for the year of 2009 the highest visited pages were the index, events, shops and photo galleries.  With that information we decided to start updating those main pages and make them easier for visitors to review the information on those pages.  In January we edited the layout of all our pages and edited the information on the index and event page.   Then on February we took the information we gathered from viewers and created a top 10 list of shops that sold accurate clothing and equipment.  We got this information retained by our Facebook and polls we posted from the month of December to February.    This month we have updated all of our galleries so that they would not use half as much room as the previous year and they could be uploaded within one page rather than creating separate pages for each event.  This will create room for future pages we may decide to create.

Facebook and our myspace accounts have also undergone a few changes in regards to our focus.  You are still able to read all the old entries in our facebook but for the 2010 season we will be posting information that everyone can appreciate more than those who are just starting out.  This impacts our blog and our journal since we will not be posting information regarding events happening each season, we will continue to write our reviews in regards to books, blogs, events, clothing and etc here.  We will not be posting updated information on event closings & etc.  We have only one myspace account now rather than two.  We hope to erase our second facebook account soon.


Want to know what is happening this spring?  Detailed information on events happening in the months of April to May have been posted on our facebook account.  Don’t have a facebook?  Don’t worry, you do not have to have a facebook account to view the events listed.  View what is happening this spring >>> Spring 2010 events.


Coming Soon!  Today is another snow day, which means we will be doing heavy updating of all our pages.  Okay not all but a select few of our pages that need or have not been updated for sometime.  We hope to add the events and units requested to be added and update all our galleries.  The focus of today is updating all the galleries and blogs so if your unit or event request is not fulfilled today sorry, but we will probably won’t get to it until tomorrow or later in the week.

Please let us know what you think of the changes when they occur.
We will keep you posted as soon as those changes are updated.


Fort Ward Encampment Cancelled!  Recently received the following e-mail indicating the following events are cancelled for the weekend of February 13 -14, 2010.  This cancellation includes the “George Washington Classic” 10-K Race on Saturday, February 13th; the Revolutionary War Encampment at Fort Ward Park on Sunday, February 14th; and on Monday, February 15th the Friendship Breakfast at the Holiday Inn & Suites Hotel, Tomb Ceremony at the Old Presbyterian Meeting House, and the George Washington Birthday Parade in Old Town.  The Birthnight Banquet and Ball will be held as scheduled on Saturday, February 13th at Gadsby’s Tavern and the Committee will announce the winners of the “Cherry Challenge” on Monday, February 15th.

Additional information is available at www.washingtonbirthday.net.


Today we focused on reviewing our e-mail and adding any new or editing old links that people have written to us to either replace or add onto the website.  We also created a new photo gallery for the February 15th event we went to.  So now you can review the new gallery.  Currently we are in the process of developing a newsletter for “Reenactors Network”.

2/15/09 Updates:

With us updating the events page. We have now added all the events and divided them into separate categories.  Hopefully we have explained what we were trying to accomplish when the page first uploads.  We separated the festival and crafts fairs that are included in a “heritage events” tab.  While any slow updated historical events are included in the tab called “more!”  This tab will also included events with unknown dates, canceled until 2010, non-historical events: classes, balls,etc and living history events.  If you have any questions about our events page please don’t hesitate to contact us.

2/14/09 Updates:

For the past month and 2 weeks we’ve been busy updating our links of units and events.  There are a few new events listed this year, but many events this year have been canceled or have not yet been planned.  Please continue to check for updated information on our website, as it is always being updated weekly-monthly.

12/29/08 Updates:

If you are currently using the old domain, you will be forward to the newest domain name.  Also if you haven’t noticed we’ve updated the look of the site.  We feel it is cleaners, and adds a little bit more color than the old site.  We have also updated the  events, but it will take some time since many of the events have not been updated through the original website.

12/9/08 Updates:

We hope everyone is having a happy holidays.  We are busy working and updating the site.  By the new year we are going to be moving Reenactors Network to a new address.  Don’t worry if you still have the old address you can either update or continue to use it until it expires.  The new site is found at www.wereenact.net.

If you find that some of the pages we have included in the past are not there any more you can easily find the information at one of our blogs which we will soon update as well.  This is due to finding out which pages have been mostly viewed.  We also thought that we would be able to obtain more information about the subject if we included them in a blog.  Some of them include our classified, recipe & crafts and new recruits page.

7/22//08 Updates:
We just finished adding all the Civil War Battle Reenactments; we found thanks to Civil War Travelers.com. If you would like to know about any other events like balls, talks, tours and living history events please go to there site. It was to much time consuming for us to post everything if there is already an existing site that has posted all the civil war events online.

So far we haven’t found other period events posted online like the American Civil War, Renaissance, Celtic and Pirate Festivals. If you know of any sites or events please let us know; so we can forward the information to others. We also have updated the home page so that it will list the upcoming events.

7/21//08 Updates:
Added a new section to our website called “New Recruits”. We will post helpful websites that we think will help anybody who is interested in Reenacting. No matter what period you are interested in always research before you get into it. Get contact with a group so those individuals can help you find out more about where to get your equipment/ clothing and etc. WARNING this hobby gets really expensive fast so be prepared. The sites we have been to also warn to not try buy cheap because they won’t last you as much as those that are well made or high cost. Research and contacts is the key….

Another thing we want to mention is we just added two more photo galleries. One is Williamsburg VA during the fourth of July and the other we just went to this past weekend the living history of Gilmor’s Mill. We hope everyone enjoys them..

6/27/08 Updates:
Added more reenacting groups, historic societies and events on our website. Starting to now create a list of all the state parks and added a new listing to our event page. This includes non-historical events which include theme festivals like Celtic & Renaissance festivals, dances, camps and etc.

We just updated the look of our ghost page and are slowly searching for ghost societies but if there is already one that exist we will post it on our site instead of listing them all on our site. If you know of one please let us know…

6/9/2008 Updates:
Just updated the organization page. So you if you live within the New York or New Mexico area and would like information of Civil War reenacting units look to that page.
Also this page has been updated, and will be posting new videos, and current events onto the home page. Hope to add some new events sometime at the end of this week.

5/30/08 Updates:
Just added a photography page on our Ghost page and Reenactors Network Site that shows all of the images we have taken during our ghost hunting experiences and places we have traveled. If you have any comments or have any questions about a picture please let us know. Hope all enjoy them… They are all viewed by a separate flash gallery.

2/1/08 Updates:
New Website: Published Site: If you like reenacting or are interested in how to join an reenacting group. Of if you just like going to historical events which include festivals, reenactments and living history. We created a site called Reeanctorsnetwork.com.

If you are interested in more details cultures mythology, renaissance/celtic and ghost hunting subject that we were unalbe to include in the reenacting site. This site will be called Mystic shores and hope that it will be published soon. In the future we will also be using this myspace account to promote and commercialize this site. So keep an eye for our banners that will allow you to help us promote our site onto your myspace account or website.

This section is not up to date. If you would like to see up to date events you can go to our event page at Reenactors Network Events You can also visit the following sites.

Renaissance Events @ Renaissance Festivals Forum
Pirate Festivals Events @ Pirates Festivals.com
Celtic Festivals Events @ Keltic Nations
American Civil War Events @ Civil War Traveler

Groups and Individual Announcements:

Living History World Wide:
A network for all living historians and re-enactors worldwide. All periods welcome, so you can contact and link with anyone and everyone of any period or location worldwide…Link to Network

Real People’s History:
Is a website that displays information regarding Native American culture, and history in the deep north/south west…Link to site…