Welcome to our guestbook!
If you have any questions to ask us about reenacting, living history, or anything at all or have comments about the blog or about our website. Please post it here.


17 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. I have a newly published book about the American Civil War – “The Winds of Change”. Please visit my website for further details and a link to purchase the book.

  2. I’m very impressed by the formality of this page and the amount of resources it has to offer! You can be assure I will bookmark this page and tell everyone else in my unit to bookmark it as well.

  3. That is awesome!! I’ve always wanted to be a reenactor 🙂 History is a passion of mine. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I’m adding you now too!

  4. Very pleased to see two ladies taking a leading roll in Living History. So often I get the impression that the ladies follow the men and take a back seat. I know this is not always the case, but I do wish more ladies would take an active roll/participation in their own right. Well done.

    Regards, Keith H. Burgess. NECLHG.

  5. Hey I love that you guys set up this site. Another site to check out is a networking site much like myspace but it’s for history buffs. It’s called it’s free to join and you meet lots of interesting people!

  6. Great website! I did CW reenacting from 1994-2000. Hope to start again soon. I would consider trying Rev War also since I am going to be a SAR member this year.
    Take Care

  7. Hosted our first troop of reenactors (LEGIO III) at my sportsmans club, cant wait for the next one.

  8. I’m glad to find this blog! I’ve always loved history, from ancient times to the World Wars, and I want to learn more about reenacting–what reenactors do, what they need to do it with, what they wear, how they find their gear–all of that and more. I’ve seen a few ‘one-man show’ type and other living history performances, and thought they were very interesting.

    Here in Arkansas we have some great old Civil War cemeteries, and some local Benton County people were trying to get a cemetery living history event going for Halloween, where performers portray people buried in the cemeteries–not necessarily ‘famous’ people, though some could be–more of a glimpse into the characters and lives of ordinary people from the past.

    I look forward to learning from the rest of you!

  9. I read and enjoyed your site. However, you do have an error. There will be no burning at this year’s reenactment. This has happened in the past, but it is not planned for the future. Too many problems associated with this type of action at an event. We look forward to all interested parties attending this year.

    Wayne Jones

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