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reenactors-networkReenactors Gazette is a place for reenactors of all time periods to read and submit stories, recipes, events and advice to help the public and new recruits learn more about the events and people in history and how it is being relived today.

WeReenact is dedicated to the preservation of history by connecting reenactors and the general public.  Our goal is to provide networking services between reenactors and the public in hopes to educate and inform them on history and reenacting.  As well as the preservation of history in which women played an important role.

The designers of WeReenact.net  has traveled to many historic site throughout the years and gone to many reenactments. On November 2007 they decided hey why not create a website for reenactors and for the public to learn more about the hobby. Our research focuses on medieval Europe to American Civil War. We welcome any questions or comments because basically we created this blog for our friends, viewers of the site, and for reenactors.

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