President’s Day

There are a few Presidents who were born in the Month of February; but Abraham Lincoln (Feb. 12th) & George Washington (Feb. 22nd) seemed to be the most popular of the presidents who were born in this month. You would figure there would be some sort of parade, living history event or something remembering these two great presidents.

There are plenty of events that celebrate George Washington’s Birthday, but not a whole lot to celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s.  I guess they figure there is a lot of celebrating in the month of November for Mr. Lincoln, when his great Gettysburg Address is remembered.  But when it comes to his birthday, not a whole lot.


  • Visit George Washington Birthplace
    1732 Popes Creek Road  | Colonial Beach, VA 22443 | Phone: (804) 224-1732 x227
  • Visit Mount Vernon
    3200 Mount Vernon Memorial Highway | Mount Vernon, VA 22121 | Phone: 703-780-2000
  • George Washington Birthday Parade | Alexandria, VA
  • George Washington’s Birthnight Banquet & Ball
    Gadsby’s Tavern Museum | Alexandria, VA |

  • Revolutionary War Reenactment
    Fort Ward Museum & Historic Site | Alexandria, VA |



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