New Year!!!

It’s been a long time since we’ve posted anything on this blog.  So what has been updated since 2013?  So far all the links have been update or deleted.  Sadly we no longer have a youtube channel or twitter account.  But the Facebook account remains to be updated in a weekly bases, thanks to friends and fans.

Since 2013 we’ve traveled to many reenacting/living history events…. This year we hope to setup some sort of photo gallery for all the photographs we’ve taken. But while that is being processed take a look at our reviews of events that took place between 2013-2016.

77147cc2ded9ef3c3a216bd290f5e0a1Williamsburg Grand Illumination
December 1 -3, 2016
Best time to look at all the decorations that Williamsburg puts up for the Christmas season.  This year it wasn’t as cold as Decembers past.


daniel-lady-farm01Women in Civil War: Mentoring Weekend
June 10 -12, 2016

A chance for women who interpreted American Civil War to meet women who are interested in joining the hobby. Learn where to get your costume, the different types of groups to join and other information that are helpful to new recruits.

newmarket011150th Battle of New Market
May 19, 2014
One of the only battle reenactments I’ve been to that took place right on the battlefield.  This is New Market’s annual reenactment that helps support the battlefield.  It was one of my favorites to attend.

c699e-dsc03978Fort Frederick, 18th Century Market
April 29, 2014
Since then I’ve gone to this event every year..  It is a great place to find cooking & camping equipment.  Also you can find used clothing if you’re just joining a unit especially children’s clothing.  It happens every year, this entry gives you help advice on what to expect, if you’ve never gone to this event.  Also helpful tips to get great deals.

We’ve attended more than these four events and it appears we have more events to review.  Look to our Capturing History blog for updated event reviews.



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