D Day recalled by Veterans

Though D-Day was 67 years ago today, World War II veterans Tracy Sugarman and Walter Blum remember the historic events of that day like it was yesterday. Sugarman was an ensign in U.S. Naval Reserve. His unit’s mission on the day allied forces invaded Normandy, France was to transport men, supplies and vehicles to the invasion beaches.

He remembers that everyone was seasick as they circled to land on the beach. He told CBS News, “We started to get closer and see what was happening, and there were boats, they were blown up, and there were bodies in the water and it was very noisy and you could smell cordite and it was chaos – it was just chaos.”

Blum was just 18 years old on D-Day. He was an Army private in the 1st Engineering Brigade. His unit invaded Utah Beach on June 6, 1944. His role was to deactivate mines and pave the way for American forces to move in… read on!

via: cbsnews.com


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