Zebulon Vance Birthplace budget Victim

WEAVERVILLE — The Zebulon Vance Birthplace is among eight historic sites that may close if proposed budget cuts make their way through the state legislature today, according to state officials.

Gov. Bev Perdue’s proposed budget already calls for a significant cut, but a budget proposal in the state House adds another $1.2 million in reductions. That means the N.C. Division of State Historic Sites faces cuts totaling 30 percent, according to Maryanne Friend, assistant secretary of the N.C. Department of Cultural Resources, which oversees the state’s 24 historic sites… read on!

via: citizen-times.com


One thought on “Zebulon Vance Birthplace budget Victim

  1. They are killing our history! I would propose that they give me a one year lease on a historic property for one dollar and i will keep it running! There must be a way to keep these sites open. As they sit, closed, they are targets for vandals and they continue to deteriorate without maintenance. Soon, we will have no history, no libraries, no historic sites…due to budgetary blunders by the rich who run this country. The rich people must step up and do their part to save it. Us poor can no longer donate our time and money to save things. as they continue to post higher and higher profits from the stock market and other investments, they need to invest in our past if we are to have any future at all.

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