Reliving the 1700s in America

The American Civil War, always a topic of great interest, is even more in people’s minds these days because of the 150th anniversary of its commencement. There wasn’t much hoopla about the 250th anniversary of the French and Indian War, was there? Few people know much about it.

William T. Johnson, co-founder of J.B. Solomon Editions, the enterprising small press in Alliance, knows a lot. His book With Sacred Honor, available in four installments as downloads for the Kindle device, couldn’t be more realistic.

A naturalist, park ranger and director of Native American cultures at a Boy Scout camp, Johnson also is a French and Indian War re-enactor. With Sacred Honoris narrated by Solomon, the fictional Mohican for whom the publisher is named. Solomon lives with his grandmother and sister in the mission village of Stockbridge, Mass. Some other Indians, like a visiting Mohawk youth, scoff at the Stockbridge villagers because they make trade goods instead of being full-time warriors…. read on!



One thought on “Reliving the 1700s in America

  1. this site says 1700’s not 1800’s. I just cant figure out why people can’t keep in the correct time line.

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