Marching Through Time

Weekend: April 16 – 17, 2011

Military Through the Ages or Marching Through Time explores different time periods via living history.  It is a great way for people who have an interest in more than one period to explore several time periods all at once.  Marching Through Time is an annual event that is held every third weekend in April at the Marietta House in Glenn Dale Maryland.

At this particular event it features living historians who relive and demonstration the life from the ancient Romans up to the Vietnam War.   Marietta House sets up the event so that people can explore various encampments and view battle tactics.  If you’re interested in this kind of event they typically happen during the spring and fall.

This past weekend was packed with living history events some that you’ve missed included the Battle of Petersburg, Marching Through Time,  Patriots Day and Musketeers at Historic Fort Mifflin.  To be sure to not miss any other reenacting and living history related events please continue to visit Reenactor’s List!

Articles + Images from eventMarietta House | Out by Ten | Knights in Armor | Flickr #1 | Flickr #2 | Flickr #3 |
March Thru History


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