Weekend Recap

Weekend: February 25 –27, 2011

Five events have been posted on Reenactor’s List so please visit the site to learn more about them and other upcoming weekend events.   We are not going to be posting a new weekend recap every weekend.  Instead it will be one article consisting of one or two events happening every weekend.  It will be an article that will be revised every week up until the final event of that month. Over the weekend you’ve missed:   Battle of Aiken, Battle of Sipsey, Attack on Ft. Dobbs, Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge.

Next week we will have articles and images from the Battle of Natural Bridge and the Boston Massacre Reenactment.
This Weekend
Pioneer Park Days | Battle of Natural Bridge | Siege of Fort Charlotte | Boston Massacre Reenactment | Mooney Grove | Vista Civil War Reenactment

Newspaper & Blog Articles of the Events:

Battle of Aikens

Civil War buffs from all over the country help reenact the Battle of Aiken each year, hoping this part of our history is never forgotten. It’s been 146 years since the real battle was fought, and hundreds of Union and Confederate soldiers were killed. Modern reenactors say the goal is to bring their heritage back to life.

After months of planning and days of camping out near the battlefield, about four hundred Civil War reenactment soldiers were ready for action Sunday. General Robert E. Lee says the reenactment lifestyle is much more than just a hobby, “I consider it a passion; I consider it a responsibility. To pass the torch. And I think it’s one of the greatest things we can do- to give to a person a piece of history and the motivation to learn more.” read on!

via: wrdw.com

Aikens Standard | Augusta Chronicles | Southern Nationalist Network | WeSpotted


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