Weekend Recap

Weekend: February 11 -13, 2011

If you were fortunate to  visit or  live in Southern Pennsylvania or in Illinois you had a great opportunity to participate in an American Civil War dance.  As always you can find more information about what is happening and when by visiting Reenactor’s List.  The living history events you’ve missed over the weekend were:  The Snowshoe Rendezvous, Lincoln Victory Ball and the Lincoln Ball.

Next Weekend: Battle of  Olustee | Rhineland Battle |  Military History Fest |  Ohio Regimental Ball |  Frontier Days Encampment | Washington Birthday Encampment.

Newspaper & Blog Articles of the Events

More than a century distant from their time as enemies, Union and Confederate soldiers held hands for the do-si-do.  It was the Lincoln Victory Ball, one of the events in Vandalia’s Lincoln Remembered weekend. Saturday would bring solemn remembrances and honor for the fallen, but Friday night’s ball was all about festivity.

Women in hoop skirts of all colors swished around the Vandalia Moose Lodge as Salt Creek Band played period tunes, with a caller intoning instructions. Soldiers from both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line forgot their differences over cake and punch, and everyone joined in for a chorus of “Happy Birthday” to Abraham Lincoln… read on!

via: herald-review.com


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