Reenacting In the Media

You would think that all the reenacting and living history community does for historic preservation and for the community you would think there wouldn’t be any negative publicity or media on the hobby.  Unfortunately for one political candidate who learned the hard way of what happens when you are trying to run for a political position and the media learns of an old hobby you used to do.  For this candidate he used to portray the quote “bad guy” in this two-sided hobby.

The public and the media seems to figure that only the “good guys” are portrayed in this hobby and have false information in regards to the hobby in general.  People are lead to believe that only the Union army is portrayed for Civil War, Continental Army is only portrayed for the American Revolution and Allies are the only portrayal for World War II.  That is a very narrow-minded way of looking at the hobby and perhaps what would be the dullest thing to ever happen to it if it was proven to be true.

Lucky for living historians and the public that is completely false and will probably never happen.  If people only portrayed  the good guys then how would children learn the ideas, beliefs and facts of the quote “bad guys”.  That would be a very sad thing if children only learn one part of the story and not learned the whole story.  It would be like only learning all about Superman and not about taking a deeper look at the opposing side.  If one really thought about it the only true bad guy in all human warfare is war itself.  In some cases people had no choice which side they fought in and it would be ashamed to not hear their story as well as the victims & soldiers of both sides.

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