Teaching: The Declaration

With so many distractions it can be sometime difficult to keep your attention in what you’re learning in school.  Luckily for modern-day students there are books on tape and other devices that can help you with your studying and keep you on track.  Some courses are harder than others.  When living in a time when most students would rather discuss on the most recent dancer being eliminated on “So You Think You Can Dance” then study the history behind the declaration of independence or on the earlier taxation problems in Colonial America.  It can be difficult for most students to stay attentive.

So how do you get students to enjoy history and contribute in long discussions on Colonial America specifically on the declaration?  How do you get your audience to be thrilled about Colonial America and about the problems they faced back then?  And how do you get students to be involved in a discussions on current and past governing issue and how taxes continually cause a problem and play an important role in our lives?  

One way is by creating a music video based on the highly popular song by Timbaland and One Republic.  Luckily for most teacher who don’t have the right equipment to create such a video Soomo Publishings did the work for you.  They rewrote a popular song in order to teach students about the history behind the declaration of independence.

Here is the original music video created by Timbaland and One Republic
Original Lyrics


Music video by Soomo Publishing


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