This Week In History

On this day in 1775, the Continental Congress adopts the Olive Branch Petition, written by John Dickinson, which appeals directly to King George III and expresses hope for reconciliation between the colonies and Great Britain. Dickinson, who hoped desperately to avoid a final break with Britain, phrased colonial opposition to British policy as follows: Your Majesty’s Ministers, persevering in their measures, and proceeding to open hostilities for enforcing them, have compelled us to arm in our own defence, and have engaged us in a controversy so peculiarly abhorrent to the affections of your still faithful Colonists, that when we consider whom we must oppose in this contest, and if it continues, what may be the consequences, our own particular misfortunes are accounted by us only as parts of our distress. By phrasing their discontent this way, Congress attempted to notify the king that American colonists were unhappy with ministerial policy, not his own….  read on!


July 05, 1775 – Congress adopts Olive Branch Petition | July 06, 1957 – Althea Gibson is first African American to win Wimbledon | July 07, 1930 – Building of Hoover Dam begins | July 08, 1951 – Paris celebrates 2,000th birthday | July 09, 1777 – New York elects its first governor | July 10, 1777 – British General Richard Prescott captured in Rhode Island | July 11, 1782 – British evacuate Savannah, Georgia



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