Do-it-yourself Living History Interview

Being Father’s Day take a moment to learn about your family in the view of your parents.  Look at old family albums and take a bit of time to learn about your parent’s parents and other relatives.  You may learn a bit of your family’s past in the words of your parents or grandparents.

There are some great ideas out there, and one of them is being promoted by a company called Story Corps. It is a national organization and offers self-help and family starter kits for rent to teach people how to record family histories orally. It is somewhat expensive – you might want to buy your own equipment – but the point is, it gets you started. Here is a quote from their Do-It-Yourself page:

I couldn’t agree more, candidly, as I started this project with this exact sentiment in mind. Your story may interest me and future generations, but the most likely fans of your living history will be those from future generations in your own family.  So often I hear older people say to their friends, children or grandchildren, “I wish you had known my mother (or father, or brother). You would have loved her (him, etc.).  And she would have loved you too!” …..  Read More

via Ridgefield Living History Project


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