Civil War Reenactment: A Living History Lesson

WOODLAND HILLS — Cannons blasted across a dirt field Sunday as a small band of Confederate soldiers played a lively tune. Union soldiers in navy blue uniforms exchanged rifle fire with battalions of rag-tag Confederates dressed in grays or tans.  Horses galloped through the haze as women in hoop skirts watched from the sidelines, shaded under dainty lace parasols. Mothers covered children’s ears from the boom of the cannons.  

Just a week ago, the five-acre plot at Pierce College’s Farm Center in Woodland Hills had been harvested of most of its produce. Over the weekend, it had transformed into a dirt field trampled by horses and infantry and littered with dead or wounded soldiers during a Civil War re-enactment.  An encampment of canvas tents sprouted up just off the field, and actors spent the night on bedrolls spread out on the dirt ground. They drank from tin cups and lounged in whatever shade they could find as temperatures climbed into the 80s on Sunday…read more!

Via: Daily News


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