Ten Great Civil War Reenactment Events Across the USA

Being one who started their interest in reenacting and history due to the great American Civil War here is a short article on the top Civil War battle reenactments one should try to go to at least once in their life.  I hope to find or post an article on the top reenactments for the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War soon. 

Civil War Reenactments have been gaining popularity over the years and have become a popular family event. Both reenactors and spectators gather at battle sites throughout the country for annual events. Some events are noteworthy for their historic significance and others for the quality of the reenactment event. History buffs, gun collectors and enthusiasts gather to reconstruct history. Some events are open and allow a wide range or participants and spectators. Other events are closed to the public and only “hard core” reenactors are invited. Here is a list of 10 great events. Check out Civil War Reenactors Websites for events near you, then dust off the uniform, get the Springfield Rifle out of the wood gun cabinet, and prepare for a fantastic day…. Read More

via: Ezine Articles


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