Announcers Are They Really Necessary?

I’ve been attending historical reenactments and living history events for over three years. The only time I ever heard of an event having a announcer who talked about what was taking place in the field in front of me was during the Battle of Monmouth. Some would say that this is unnecessary and others would say it is necessary to have one to better educate the public on the battle that is being recreated.

But then again there have been times during very small battle reenactment when it came close to the ending of demonstrating the battle would just end and the audience had no clue who had won or lost. This may be the lack of the understanding of the historical event or poor planning.

When have you witness times when an announcer was beneficial or just in the way of the audience’s experience?

My dad and I went to Jacksonville, IL today to attend their annual Grierson Days, which honors Gen. Grierson, who was a resident of Jacksonville.  He is best remembered for his raid into Mississippi with his cavalry that is portrayed in the John Wayne film The Horse Soldiers.  This raid, which led to the destruction of the railroad supplying Vicksburg aided Grant in his victory against the Confederate stronghold.  Now, back to the event.This even … Read More

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