Summer Reading

I’m sure there are several books already listed on your summer reading list, but here are a few more good books to add onto it.  Many of the books are good resources to find information on 18th to the 20th Century life.  As well as historian’s perspective on the wars, people and conditions  that impacted them.

1776 by: David McCullough
A Break with Charity by: Ann Rinaldi
Bold Journey by: Charles Bohner
Brave Companions by: David McCullough
Georgianna by: Amanda Foreman
Hornblower: Beat to Quarters by: C.S. Forester
Innocent Traitor by: Alison Weir
John Adams by: David McCullough
Lady Jane Grey by: Eric Ives
Love and Louis XIV by: Antonia Fraser
Marie Antoinette by: Antonia Fraser
Mary Boleyn by: Josephine Wilkinson
Mayflower by: Nathaniel Philbrick
Nine Days A Queen by: Ann Rinaldi
The Boleyn Inheritance by: Philippa Gregory
The Heretic’s Daughter by: Kathleen Kent
The Name of the Rose by: Umberto Eco
The Other Boleyn Girl by: Philippa Gregory
The Other Queen by: Philippa Gregory
The Princes In the Tower by: Alison Weir
The Tudor Queens of England by: David Loades
The Wars of the Roses by: Alison Weir
White Doves at Morning by: James Lee Burke
Year of Wonders by: Geraldine Brooks

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