Updating and Cleaning Out Blog

Originally Posted on May 20, 2010

We Reenact.net Blogs are getting a make over.  We are going through all our postings. Some will be deleted while others will be moved from one blog to another.

Please be patient with us and if you are unable to find an article that you enjoyed in the past and you do not find it in its original spot please look at our other blogs.

Today May 23rd we completed the task. Here is the listing of articles that have been moved. Original is where they could have be found before they were moved and new is where you will presently find them. Within the list you will not find any of the announcements or events postings.  We are no longer posting events please look at our website or facebook for more details.

RG: Reenactors Gazette
RJ: Reenactors Journal
RN: Reenactors New Recruits
RR: Reenactors Rennies

Original Name New
RG 18th Century Units RN
RG 2009 Reflection = 2009 Memories RJ
RG American Civil War Units RN
RG Celtic Festival RJ
RG Choosing Sides RN
RG Favorite 2008 Memories RJ
RG Finding A Group RN
RG Historic Jamestown RJ
RG Living History vs Reenacting RN
RG Portraying Early History RN
RG Preservation RJ
RG Reenacting Impressions RN
RG September Photos RJ
RG The Art of Power RJ
RG What’s A Reenactors? RN
RG Why Reenacting?? RN
RG World Reenacting RN
RJ 10 Things You Should Know RN
RJ A New Recruits Survival Guide RN
RJ Choosing Your Fate RN
RJ Civil War Blog RN
RJ Colonial Blog RN
RJ Drifting Focus RN
RJ Endangered Landmarks RG
RJ History of Photograpy RG
RJ Instrumental Music RG
RJ Living History Workshop RG
RJ Top Movies RG
RJ Written in the Past RJ


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