Reenacting New Recruits

There has been a lot of new projects in the process at  Many of the projects have been adding information in regards to reenacting organizations, events, resources but the biggest project of all was creating a new site dedicated to the newest members of the reenacting community. 

 The newrecruits website is a portion of that holds information that hopefully helps those who are thinking about reenacting or those who recently joined a group.  It is a “how to website” but it connects to the various pages within the main pages of our site, Reenactors Gazette and the Reenactors Journal.  It also features its own personal blog where we have posted articles dedicated to the new recruits as well as helpful advice from reenactors who have been in the hobby for many years.

We hope all our readers check out the new site and if you happen to like it forward to anyone you know who recently joined or thinking about joining the reenacting community in the future.  

Reenacting New Recruits:
Intro To Reenacting Blog:


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