Reenacting Travelers

Originally from: Reenactors Journal
Date: February 23, 2010

Soon the reenacting season will be in full swing and before you know it will be all over.  Don’t decide to go to a reenactment or faire at the last-minute; always plan ahead.   I’ve been a patron of renaissance festivals since 2001 and have been exploring reenactments and living history events since 2006.   The best thing to do; if possible is to  look over a core list of events mixing a wide assortment of time periods (Medieval, Revolutionary, 1812 and Civil War ).   The events don’t have consist of the really  big reenactments and you don’t have to focus on only one time period.  Explore several in one season and have a budget.  There are people out to get your money and plan to not spending any of it on clothing especially if you have not joined a unit.  First join a unit then buy what ever clothing that fits the unit’s criteria.  

The season officially starts in April to November, but there are events that happen as early as January.  Plan ahead, and think about what you hope to achieve each season/year.  I tend to miss several events that are must to do and always end up regretting it in the end.  It is a problem that will always happens and you will tend to miss out on one event but end up going to another that is as equally as fun as the one that you missed.  Always have a positive outlook because one thing that is always comforting is that the events do happen annually and if you miss it one year plan to go the following year.   

The benefits of joining a group is that you pretty much know where you’re going and when but it is always fun to go to other events outside the time period you portray.  This year I hope to travel to at least three other events outside the time period I portray.  I hope to post more stories on my travels and the first year of reenacting soon, keep on checking back but it may not happen till the beginning of May. 

Traveler’s Guide

Now that I’ve bored you with the prep talk, here is information in regards to helpful guides and websites for those of you who are not yet  reenactors and who would like to go to these events as spectators.  Being someone who spent many years as a spectator; you gain a very different perspective on an event than those who participate within it.  You’ll be able to read and learn more about the perspective of a reenactor hopefully soon.  The following links have helped me a lot throughout the years and I hope they help you.

Core Reenacting Events List: here is my official reenacting events list that will be happening this season and every season.  When planning to go to any one of these events always check the date, location and cost ahead of time.  Reenacting and living history events do get postponed or cancelled due to many different reason so always go back to the event source which is their official website.

Celtic Festivals: only living a few minutes away from the nearest celtic festival and only gone to it twice.  I’m not a big fan of Celtic Festivals but they are pretty fun if you like to shop and listen to bagpipe music all day.  I love the music but spending a whole day listening to it can make your ears ring with the sounds of bagpipes.

Renaissance Festivals: if you’re someone who thinks that your local renfaire is the only one of its kind try again.  There is at least one in every state and some states have up to two to three.  There are many renaissance festival searches and here are just a few of | |  | | |

Pirate Festivals: lists all events portraying the life of pirates in a festival atmosphere.  This form of event may not be family friendly so always check the rating of the performers in advance before you decide to bring you’re little ones with you.  

Civil War Traveler: lists all events consisting of reenactments, lectures, living history and more.

State/Country Welcome Ctr: after you’ve decided what event(s) you would like to go to, you’re probably wondering what else is going on and what other attractions are in the area.  You could spend a bunch of time in google trying to find the location but why do that when all the work has been done for you.  

Maps, Historical Locations & More: have not gathered enough information to create that perfect family or weekend trip?  If  your more interested in museums, national parks or would like to find how to get from point a to point b you’ll find information in regards to finding museums, maps and other helpful information.

Today I spent sometime designing some logos for this section of my website in order for people to find this section faster and easier.  Let me know which one you like best.
~ Happy Traveling!


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