Instrumental Music

Originally from: Reenactors Gazette
Date: December 28, 2009

Classical and Country music was really big while growing up until I hit High School I really did not venture into many musical genres.  My High School friends really impacted my life and it was geared to music especially.  With there help I was introduced to the modern culture of pop, rock, r&b and celtic.  After high school the growth of modern culture music wise in my opinion has not really been really good in the past few years.  Not to say that their have been really good hits but music wise there has not be any artists in the genres of pop, rock and r&b that make me want to turn my radio back to the stations that play those types of music.

With that said my interest in Celtic and especially period type music have increase due to my interest in history and reenacting.  Over the course of December I was trying to find music that provoked the stepping back in time.  There are a few really good artists who play this form of music beautifully.

Wolgemut ( pronounced vol-guh-moot) is an ancient germanic word which simply means, “to be in a good mood”.   Unique music inspired by the world of the Medieval and Renaissance period.  If you would like to be taken back to Ancient to Medieval Germany; Wolgemut can take you back with their music.

Wolgemut creates this unique sound by using musical instruments that date back to the Medieval period and play songs from that time period.  They have several unique cds that portray the type of music they play from Renaissance dance music to Historical period music.   It is music that modern culture can appreciate and inspire from.

Check Them Out – if you’re into unique world music, enjoy all forms of Celtic music, love bagpipes and have an interest in all types of period music.

Other Groups to Check Out – If you like Wolgemut there are other groups you might want to check out…
E Muzeki:
Wine and Alchemy:
The Black House Ceilidh:
Diabolis In Musica:
Les Witches is a group of gifted French musicians playing a wide arrangement of instruments that includes the violin, flute, lute/guitar, viola da gamba, and the clavichord.

Nobody’s Jig is music inspired by the court dances of the 16th and 17th Century.  The music is clearly within the Celtic genre but it has the Renaissance effect that appears more other century than modern-day Celtic music.  It is music that would have appeared all over Europe and known and played by the Colonist of the new world.

Check Them Out – if you enjoy listening to Renaissance court music, early dancing music and love all forms of early and later forms of Celtic music.

Other Groups to Check Out – If you like Les Witches there are other groups or sound recordings you might want to check out…
Villon to Rabelais: 
Early American Roots: 
English Renaissance Music: 
English Country Dancing Master: 
The Art of the Bawdy Song: 
Watkins Ale: Music of the English Renaissance: 

Colonial Williamsburg Fifes and Drum is a group of members who learned to use their instruments at the young age of 10 yrs old.  The group practices weekly until the kids graduate High school.  During the course of learning the instrument and performing in several events each year the older members help the new members learn the historical background of the group and memorize the music they must learn to perform with the group.

The group plays traditional colonial and military tunes using the instruments that were played during the American Revolution.   They perform up to 700 performances each year and visitors of Historical Williamsburg have enjoyed their performances since 1958.

Check Them Out – if you enjoy fife and drum music and if you enjoy military music from the American Revolution.

Other Groups to Check Out – If you like the Colonial Williamsburg Fife and Drum  there are other groups you might want to check out that play similar forms of music…
Williamsburg Field Musick: 
Adamsville Ancients:
Ancient Mariners:
The Excelsior Brigade:
Civil War Troopers:
All Military Musick Corps:

The Rogues is a group that usually consists of  two bagpipers and two drummers.  The group originally formed in 1994 and has played up and down the American Coasts at Renaissance Fairs, Celtic festivals and Texas pubs.  Members of the group have changed over time but the original music and type they play has pretty much stayed the same.

The group plays traditional to modern-day Celtic music, all of which they composed themselves.  They’ve produced a total of eight albums, all of which have a different sound and audience in mind.  My two personal favorites are Off Kilter and Roguetrip.

Check Them Out – if you enjoy a good set of bagpipe music, original celtic music and sounds of the Renaissance festival.

Other Groups to Check Out –  If you enjoy the Rogues there are other groups you might want to check out….
The Chieftains:

There are still several musical groups that were not featured in any of the above genres that should be listed.  Many of them were not featured due to having a complete different sound from the other groups discussed.  I will list them by favorites and you can simply click the links to find out more about them.

Djilia Phralengo:
Celtic Woman:
The High Kings:
Mediaeval Baebes:
Blackmore’​s Night:
Flogging Molly:
Coyote Run:
Scott Baker:
Gaelic Storm:
Three Pints Shy:
Owain Phyfe:
The Poxy Boggards:
Ceol Cara:
Kent Courtney:
Celtic Thunder:
World of Celtic Music:


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