Top Movie

Originally from: Reenactors Journal
Date: December 26, 2009

While growing up I did not watch the popular films of the 1990s but watched a wide selection of films that included Disney, musicals, and films from the 1940s and 50s.  Today I’ve widen my scope when it comes to watching films to Sci-Fiction, drama and action.  I still enjoy the occasional musical and silent film.

Over the weekend I took sometime to look through the Washington Post Weekender to find out what movies were in theaters and saw some that caught my eye.  One being “Sherlock Holmes” and the other that I was not familiar with “The Young Victoria”. I’ve recently checked out both film’s trailers and believe that Young Victoria would be a good film to watch if only it was in a theater near me.  It is always surprising and a treat to see period films because you don’t always expect that the film is going to be done well, have a good plot and portrayed well.

I’ve always been interested in the history of film and photography.  This has grown over the years and I’ve become more appreciative of all the work that is put into producing a movie and or animation.  In fact movies are one of the reasons why I got interested in reenacting, but not the only reason.  Like any one who has an interest in history I know that there are many errors that films do make when they try to create a period piece.  I could list several reasons why you should never include any film when trying to develop a historical persona especially when it comes to developing your outfit (clothing) but it would make this entry a little too long.

I’ve often wondered what is everyone’s favorite period film and what films were the best when it  came to portraying a time period accurately.

For your favorite film(s)


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