2010 Articles

Originally from: Reenactors Journal
Date: December 20, 2009

We are finally getting organized!  Reenactor’s Gazette is going to be and all reenacting/living history blog and we hope to find other articles in newspapers, blogs, communities and other places and post them here so you can read everything in one place.  This will take time possibly a year to accomplish.

 The Gazette

> Seasonal Events – this will no longer take place but you’ll be able to view all events happening every year within a separate page.

History discussions – finding interesting discussions being discussed from various forums and write a summary of what is being said “regardless if I agree or disagree with what is being said”.  Then hopefully viewers will post comments on what was said and hopefully it will allow for the discussion to continue.

> History Online – interesting articles, discussion and all things being posted online about history and about the hobby of reenacting.  This will feature a summary of the article/discussion and direct link to the article/discussion.

The Journal:

> The world of reenacting in a woman’s perspective – this has a long title but it will involve several articles that take a deep look at what the hobby offers women and how women get involved within the hobby.

> Beyond the lens – are images that I will be taking throughout the year, some will involve reenacting and some won’t.  This is to help me become a better photographer and see how many good images I can take each time I use my camera.  I will also probably have one or two articles that talk about the history of photography.

New Recruits:  

Blog Spot – a helpful guide that will review some blogs that have a focus in travel, history, reenacting and photography.  I might put a few good blogs that discuss graphic and web designing techniques for those of you who have an interest in designing your own website or blog.

> What’s Your Era? – I hope to learn more about the French & Indian War, 1812 War, Napoleonic War and World Wars.  This will involve talking specifically about the events that portray these four specific time periods.  As well as research material and other points of interests.

Book Reviews – will review books that talk about specific time period and take a deep look at some diaries that were written in the past.  These will be resources that may or may not have appeared on the website. 

The New Recruiter’s Survival Guide – being my official first year as a reenactor and not someone researching the hobby I will probably make a few mistakes.  So during the first six months I will talk about some of those mistakes and then write what I wish I had done or brought with me to an event.  This is really a way to help me learn and help others to not make the same mistakes.

 The Website:

New Layout – if you haven’t noticed I’ve changed the layout of the wereenact.net website.  This was in hopes that people would view the pages they were more interested in rather than the pages they weren’t.  It was also a way to help those who are new to the hobby find the information they are looking for most.

> Events Page – this year I will not be updating the dates of the events but they will be still listed alphabetically and within the month they are usually held.  Considering most events are held annually and they usually happen within the same month each year.   I decided it took to long to change the dates every year.  This is where the blog comes in.  I will only talk about and include specific dates for the top events.

> Civilian Page – every year more and more women are getting involved into the hobby.  The unit I recently joined just received three women and one guy to their group.  Most of the women I talked to are looking into portraying civilians nonmilitary portrayals.  I’ve been in this position and found very few nonmilitary organizations and its an oncoming project I attend to continue throughout the year.

> New Recruits – simple guide that hopefully helps all the new guys/gals out there who hope to pursue the hobby of reenacting this year or in the future.  It specifically goes through all the steps and stages of educating one’s self on the hobby of reenacting; before attempting the hobby as well as once you’ve joined a group what do you do next.


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