Remembering Gettysburg

On a cool November morning citizens and visitors of a small town in Pennsylvania remembers those who fell in one of the bloodiest three-day battles in the American Civil War. The year is 1863 and the place is Gettysburg Pennsylvania.  The Confederate army numbering of 75,000 men is being followed by the Union army of 95,000 men.  Lee decides to divide his army and has one brigade head out towards the east but they are met with General Meads army.  This is just the beginning of what Lee and Mead faced and continued for another 2 days until finally within the last fatal day Lee suffered too many fatalities and retreats.    

On November 21st hundred’s of spectators line the streets of Gettysburg to watch thousands of uniformed Civil War reenactors march through the town to remember those who never came home.  This happens each year at the Annual Remembrance Day Parade which begins at 1:00 p.m. Be sure to be there ahead of time because it does get very crowded.

From sunset to 9 pm there will be a Remembrance Illumination held at the Soldiers’ National Museum. Luminary candles will be placed on each Civil War grave as a testament to the sacrifices made here in 1863.  It’s an event that can’t be missed.  If you are in the Battlefield after dusk you will be caught and given a $75 dollar ticket.  Due to the day light hours the time when the battlefield officially closes from their summer hours of 10 pm to their winter hours of dusk on October 31st.


Reenactors portraying the Union army march @ the Annual Gettysburg Remembrance Day Parade.

The Trostle Farm circa July 6, 1863 — Alexander Gardner photo


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