Website Update

Only a few more months until the start of 2010 and we are just beginning to redevelop the site.  We currently know what has worked and what does not work, its more of a matter of how to improve the problems we face.  Currently we are editing the shops, web resources, written resources and directory pages.  Soon we will start editing and adding information onto the units and events pages.  We hope to have some new events posted for the new year and start listing events world wide.  It is still being developed as we try to figure out how to define an event according to time period.  We’ll probably will end up color coding the events so that it will help those of you who only like a certain time period find the events you want to participate or travel to.

Currently we’ve got all the blogs to where people can subscribe to them and get e-mails every time we post a new entry.  If there are any ways you feel the website needs improvement do not hesitate to let us know.  We created the website for you and our goal is to make it where you can find information easily and on the subjects that interest you.  Next week I hope to be posting some more entries you’re more used to.


3 thoughts on “Website Update

  1. My last post does not seem to have been posted so please excuse if this doubles up!
    I think you should add tags to your posts that will attract the general public who know nothing of Living History and Historical Reenactment.
    Tags such as hiking, camping, trekking, backpacking, primitive skills, wilderness survival skills, period living skills, muzzleloading, Primitive camping, Historical Trekking, primitive shelters, and any more you can think of.
    If we want our hobby/lifestyle , our groups and clubs to survive and grow, we need to educate the public through sites like this one, not just through reenactment events.
    Regards, Le loup.

  2. great ideas and acting on it right now! We read our comments before posting them onto our blog(s). We get a lot of junky comments, and to stop inappropriate comments from appearing we read through the comments before approval. We rely heavily on the word of mouth so if you know of anyone interested in history please let them know about ~ Thanks!

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