Washington D.C Area Living History


Maryland Living History: Point Lookout State Park located in St. Mary’s County has a Civil War fort and was known to be a prison at one time during the course of the Civil War.  If you’re like anyone else I know you probably know of the folklore and ghost stories that comes with this place.  Away from the folklore it hosts two living history events.  One that is held sometime in June and the other is a field hospital/ghost walk that is held in October.  Another place where you can find events is at Jefferson Patterson Park where they host the annual Southern Maryland Celtic Festival held in April and the 1812 Reenactment which is coming up on September 19, 2009.  It also holds annual farm day (children event), and its own lecture series. Historic St. Mary’s City has its own programs throughout the year and has its own unique living history programs.  The two times I’ve gone there they had interpreters show you the life of Colonial Maryland and recently they have completed rebuilding one of the churches.  It is a mini version of the Jamestown Settlement.Image1

Here are a few other spots that have annual living history events and demos.  They occur throughout the year but the major battle reenactments don’t occur in state but out state sites. Antietam Battlefield hosts many living history days and demos but never has had an actual big battle reenactment. While you are around the northern part of Maryland you can visit Fort Frederick located in Big Pool.  Each year it hosts one of the biggest 18th Century Faires in the area and several living history encampments that focuses on the 18th Century life and the French and Indian War. Also located in Frederick County is the Rosehill Manor children’s museum, but don’t let it fool you.  Every summer they have a Civil War weekend where reenactors of the time period portray soldiers and  show off their weapon through different  demos and a 30 minute battle reenactment. Marietta House located in Glen Dale is the host of the annual Marching Through Time event; where reenactors across Maryland & Virginia join together to showcase the time periods they portray.  At one time Belair Mansion in Bowie held a Civil War day but for some reason this year decided not to turn it into an annual event.  It has a few interesting events but not for the living historian. Darnall’s Chance which is also located in Bowie has a few interesting tours and events involving the 1812 War and Pirates. Historic London Town located in Edgewater has a few interesting lecture series and one Revolutionary event held every July.  Over to Baltimore County you’ve got several really good places that have at least two to three events to go to.  Not to far from Edgewater is the town of Crownsville where the Maryland Renaissance Festival is located.  You can spend the whole day shopping at its unique shops and  to a wide verity of entertainment. Jerusalem Mills holds its annual Gilmore’s Raid (Civil War ), Red Coats Are Coming (Revolutionary) living history events that have a short 30 minute battle reenactment.  Also they host a small colonial craftman day where Revolutionary sutlers and artist show their wares and sell items to the public. Fort McHenry best known to its contributations to the 1812 War has living history demos throughout the year and its one of the place that both Civil War and 1812 Reenactors go to every year. Havre de Grace is another Museum Park that has annual events focusing on the 1812 War and Pirates.  This year they had to cancel their annual Attack on Havre de Grace event but as far as their Annual Pirate Invasion event it is still on for the month of September.  The last and final place I would check out in Maryland is the Steppingstone Museum where they also have a Celtic Festival and a Medieval Festival each spring.

For those of you who would like to portray a soldier in any period their are several units you can join that have a headquarters in Maryland.  But for those of you who would like to portray a civilian or a later period (Viking, Renaissance or Medieval) we are currently searching for units in the MD, VA & PA area.  To view the possible reenacting units and for more events always look back to wereenact.net for more info.  The continued search of events and units never ends. I might have missed a few important landmarks, while writing this entry but all Maryland landmarks should be listed within our website.


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