Reenacting Traps

robin_hoodEveryone has read or heard of the legend of Robin Hood.  A man in history who robbed the rich to feed the poor.  Recently I discovered the BBC hit tv show during one of my many google searches.  I am lucky enough to view all of Season 1 due to my very helpful public library system.

Many Americans are interested in portraying the eras of  Medieval Europe, the Crusades (between the years 1050-1350 AD)  and the Renaissance.  But it is one of the most challenging periods to portray accurately due to many historical films and television shows that overly romanticizes the time periods.  So what is a person to do who lives in a country where castles from the time period do not exist?

When you live within driving distance of our Nations Capital or where our Nation’s Constitution was written there is a chance that you live within driving distance of an art museum.  Many art museums offer visitors a chance to view art from the time period in question.  Currently the National Gallery of Art is exhibiting Spanish Medieval Armor and Portraiture from now to November 2009.  And the Pennsylvania Gallery of Art also has it fare share of armor and portraiture.

During the Italian and English Renaissance artists from Leonardo Da Vinci to Shakespeare well documented the time period through their visual and written art.  When constructing your clothing look to the paintings of the time period.  This is even helpful to those of you who reenact the American Revolution and Civil War. Be careful not to cut any corners when it comes to buying or making your own equipment. It is easy for those who have an interest in Medieval and Renaissance history to fall into this trap because their is so much rubbish out there.   And don’t buy anything from your local Walmart or ebay because they will not have the cloth you need to make accurate and well developed clothing.

Leonardodavinci1Sofonisba Anguissola1

Currently we are working on adding units who portray this period accurately but it will take some time to sort through the groups who portray the time period as if they live in a fantasy world  from those who portray the time period accurately ..


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