What are MTA Events?

What is a MTA event?  MTA stands for Military through the Ages.  There are a few of these kinds of events this reenacting season in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.  It is like a living history event, but it allows different  reenactors of different eras join together to educate and introduce the public to their organization.  Depending on who organizes the event each one has its own atmosphere.  Some of these events focus on entertainment (dance, music, jousting, battle), others on living history demonstrations (cook demos, shooting demos),  and their are those event that focus on both.

The best thing to do when going or participating in one of these kinds of events is to have an open mind.  It also gives other periods of Ancient times, Medieval, Renaissance, 18th Century, 19th Century and others to get involve.  And possibly giving them more recruits to join their organization.

Here are the following dates and locations of a MTA event. (Hopefully will have a video intro to events like this)

Military Through the Ages       Jamestown, VA    March
Marching Through Time    Glenn Dale, MD    April
Military Living History weekend    Chadds Ford, PA     September


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