Living History Worldwide

We just joined “Living History Worldwide” which is a community based website like myspace or facebook but focuses on an audience of  reenactors and living history organizations.  We hope to make new friends, find new organizations and events by joining this community.

Just incase you’re wondering more about this community it is free to join but if you want to advertise your organization by posting links or ads you will have to pay for it.  I am a firm believer that it already costs a lot of money to become a reenactor through the cost of clothing, participating in events, and going to events that it should not cost you to post a link to your organizations, shop or events website onto another organization’s website.  Websites roughly only cost about $100.00 yearly to post online (domain & hosting) so I don’t understand why so many quoted “reenacting networking” websites have people pay them to post links.

You don’t have to join the community if you want to find new organizations or events.  I’ll be posting any additional information I find through this community either here or on my website @
If you already have a profile through this community here is a link to our page: Our livinghistoryworldwide profile!


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