Fort Mifflin Endangered!

It is very sad, that many of our nations battlefields are endangered to becoming new malls, neighborhoods, and parking garages.   Every month that I hear about a new battlefield endangerment saddens me, but here is another battlefield that needs help.  I got this news through myspace community.

We’ve been informed that Fort Mifflin on the Delaware, a historical site that has been around since the Revolutionary War, may be closing it’s doors forever. Unfortunately, they are hurting for cash, as you will read in the article. If you can make a small contribution, be it monetarily or in the way of free air time on the radio, an article in a magazine, etc., we think it would greatly help the fort. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.

Please pass this info along to everyone you know.
Please see the link for more info. Fort Mifflin Needs Help!


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