Ever wondered what is “Reenactors Network” and possibly about our Myspace community?  Basically Reenactors Network is a place where people who aren’t in the reenacting community can go to find reenacting organizations to join, events currently happening, and other resources to understand history and living history in general.

We aren’t one of those organizations who think we know everything.  We are always opened to new ideas, and learn new things on what is reenacting vs. living history.   Within this blog we have post the major links for new recruits to find information that we might not be able to provide them.  We also have a journal where new recruits can look to if they have any major questions on reenacting.  If a question has not been answered we welcome any opportunity to answer them.

Do I need to join Reenactors Community in order to get bulleton from other reenactors? No you don’t because we visit our myspace community once to three times a week to find out what is happening within the reenacting community and posting it on this blog.  Everything that we read or over hear from the communities that we are involved with we will post it here.


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