We Reenact!

we-reenact1If you’ve heard of Reenactors Network this is no different.  Starting January 2009 Reenactors Network will still be known as so, but it will have a new address.  Currently it is http://www.reenactorsnetwork, but it will change to http://www.wereenact.net.

You will still be able to view your favorite pages, but instead of going to the old address you will have to start using the new address.  This is purely for our visitors who have spread it threw the word of mouth to not have to memorize such a long address to tell your friends and others of interests.  It is also to lessen the costs that come with creating  a website.

If you liked the old address, please speak up, because by the end of December 2009 the old address will be end its limit, and we won’t be able to renew it.  So let us know what you think of the address.  We are currently updating the events page for next year, and continue to update other pages within the site.  Also please keep posting your comments of interest in this site, because without continued public interest & support this site will not be able to continue with limited resources and funding.    Thanks!


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