Top Five Events!

Since the end of 2008 is coming close, I’ve figured I would ask. What is your top five or ten living history/ reenacting event you’ve gone to this year? Which one can’t you wait to go to next year?

Things we need to know: Name of the event, date of the event, where this event is held, the event’s website (if it has one), and why you enjoy it. THE RESULTS ARE IN! They are as follows, tried to have at least 1 to 3 different event per period. If you didn’t vote for your favorite event there is still time for you to send in your comments for next year’s list.


2008 Top Ten:

Pennsic War 38 (Middle Ages)

Battle of Hook (Rev. War)

Battle of Monmouth (Rev. War)

Siege for Yorktown (Rev. War)

Battle of Stoney Creek (1812 War)

Mississinewa 1812 (1812 War)

Battle of Waterloo (Napoleon War)

At High Tide-Gettysburg (American Civil War)

Gettysburg Anniversary (American Civil War)

Battle of New Market (American Civil War)


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