Reenactors Network is dedicated to connecting living historians/reenactors with the general public and preserving our world’s history through living history & reenacting. This website connects people who are interested in history/ becoming historic interpreters with useful information: finding groups, events, locations & etc.


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The Reenacting Weekender is your source to find all events relating to all historic reenacting and living history.  Each month there will be a list of events happening the following month.  If you’re interested in posting information on an event you’re hosting or planning please email us the following information (event title, date, location and … Continue reading March

New Year!!!

It’s been a long time since we’ve posted anything on this blog.  So what has been updated since 2013?  So far all the links have been update or deleted.  Sadly we no longer have a youtube channel or twitter account.  But the Facebook account remains to be updated in a weekly bases, thanks to friends … Continue reading New Year!!!

President’s Day

There are a few Presidents who were born in the Month of February; but Abraham Lincoln (Feb. 12th) & George Washington (Feb. 22nd) seemed to be the most popular of the presidents who were born in this month. You would figure there would be some sort of parade, living history event or something remembering these … Continue reading President’s Day

December Events

December maybe the last month of the year, but it does not mean that the reenacting season does not end with a bang.  In fact going to living history events and historical locations in the month of December is the best time because you do not know what to expect (illumination, hand crafted gifts & more.) … Continue reading December Events

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